About Us

About forpow cosmetics

forpow cosmetics offers OEM/ODM a full line of the highest quality color cosmetic products with competitive price. The formulations are tailored to meet your individual needs to clarify and discriminating from market place. We offer a complete range of products and also a variety of custom blend products to extend the available product offerings.

forpow cosmetics OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing, and focuses on providing a one stop shop for customers to receive efficient and thorough support which is crucial to establishing a successful product line.
We provide our professional and experienced industry expert service to every cosmetics idea that you may have, and never turn down an opportunity to make your dreams come true.

6years OEM&ODM for top brands
9dedicated R & D engineers
5top outstanding designers
10professional sales & service staff

Our Services

Providing one-stop service by our professional R&D Department, Packgaing & Raw material Purchase Department, and Producing Department etc. Greatly reduce the cost of production, and improve the added value of brands, to make great benefits for both merchants and manufacturer.


    Responsible for the design of outer packing, the formula, raw materials, packaging materials, then producing and packing.

    ODM enables merchants to concentrate on product promotion. One-stop services save the complicated process of looking for factories, raw materials, printing plants and design planning company etc.

  2. OEM

    Responsible for the formula, raw materials, packaging materials, then producing and packing.

    OEM could effectively reduce the cost of brand promotion, to implement low-cost operation. The limited funds of Merchants must be invested into sales, meanwhile the expenses of production relatively would be reduced into a minimum.


    Responsible for the formula, raw materials, injecting and packing for the packages offered by customers.

    OEM makes merchants having their own brand possible, even without factory.

  4. Packaging Design

    Our experienced creative team will work closely with you to create the best packaging that will help attract the attention your products deserve.

    1 Your existing logo will be utilized within your packaging.

    2 Our team is available to design a custom logo to make your products stand out.  This logo will be presented to you in electronic format so that you may continue to use the logo on other business material as you build your brand.

  5. Quality Control

    All Products manufactured by forpow Cosmetics adhere to the highest standard of quality.  Our Quality Assurance Department comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices set forth by the FDA.   All production batches are reviewed in comparison to the original Research and Development batch to ensure that appearance, consistency and quality are maintained.

  6. Production R&D

    1 Business Plan Development – Free consultation to discuss product options and the manufacturing process.
    2 Research & Development – No expense fee is required for formulation to begin work on your project.
    3 Formulation & Ingredients – The Research and Development team will create exclusive formulas based on your ideas.  Prototype samples are normally developed within 10 days of deposit.  Your prototype package will include samples of the product.
    4 Packaging Selection – Meeue Cosmetics will assist you in selecting packaging for your product(s) and guide you through the process of artwork and design for packaging.  We can also manufacture and fill products into your own provided packaging and/or utilize your existing logo(s) or artwork.
    5 Allow 5-6 weeks in most cases for delivery of your completed products from the time of order approval.
    Formulation and Ingredients – Research and Development
    A Professional Research and Development staff is available to help you create formulations tailored to meet your individual needs, utilizing the following:
    1 Cosmetic Grade Ingredients.
    2 Use of good manufacturing practices found under the FDAs Title 21 Code or Regulations to ensure the highest quality products available
    3 Individualized, exclusive and innovative product development.
    4 Duplication of marketplace products for customization.
    5 Continuous research and analysis of the latest trends and development in health and beauty.
    6 Continuous source of premium raw materials.
    7 Full range of natural oils, essential oils and fragrances to allow the creation of your own unique brand.

Our passion

Our passion is to satisfy all domestic and international requirements for both domestic and international companies, no matter how complicated they may be. In addition, we strive to always provide the most excellent kind of customer services that can’t be found anywhere else.
Exploring the new innovative possibilities within our the industry with our customers is what we look forward to each day. Please feel free to contact our professional and friendly members at OEM Cosmetics today for a consultation to get your ideas turned into a successful product.